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Business feeling stale? Not enough traffic on your company’s website? Confused about how to charge up your batteries? The answers to all these questions lie in one solution – Digital Marketing. And the solution to your digital marketing needs is BizDigitz. While we don’t wish to blow our own trumpet, we can boast of being one of the best and reputed digital marketing agencies in Chennai that offers varied services. We’ve worked with clients across various domains and left them spellbound with our magic. Rest assured, we know our stuff. If growth and profit are on your mind, we are just a phone call away.

Our Approach


We lay the groundwork by first studying the background of your business and then focus on Customer needs and behavior.


We combine our findings and map them to your business goals to plan a winning strategy for attracting more customers and enhancing your visibility.


We develop and publish content and work on promotions to spread the word to your target audience


With the help of metrics, we evaluate the performance of our strategies on your business and lead generation


Based on the evaluation, we devise strategies to maximize your growth and improve your digital performance


Be visible to the audience when and where it matters most. Armed with expertise on Google Adwords, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, media buying and Bing Ads, our experts outline vigorous paid campaigns to establish your brand as a reliable forerunner of Digital marketing, while ensuring guaranteed ROI and lead generation.

Affiliate marketing

With the help of our pool of trustworthy connections, we collaborate with other websites or affiliates who bring in business to you via their network. This not only provides your business with more revenue and leads but also helps you forge long-lasting partnerships.

Email / SMS marketing

Traditional yet cost-effective, we make use of emails and SMS to connect with a wide network of users, share information about your business and promote your brand’s services in a short time span. We integrate compelling call to action within these messages to ensure our messages don’t land in the Trash.

Lead generation

Utilizing tactics such as Social Media Marketing and e-mail marketing, we attract relevant users to your website with the goal of converting them into buyers, increasing your website traffic, boosting your client base and generating high revenue in the long run.

Sales conversion

Getting a lead is not enough. The lead needs to be converted into a customer. Once the relevant leads are generated, we devise campaigns and digital marketing strategies to convert prospective leads who casually visit or browse your site into paying customers who conduct business with you.

App marketing

Every successful business has its presence on the Google or Apple Playstore. Not one to be left behind, we employ app store optimization strategies to push your mobile application to the top of the App Store. This provides your app with greater visibility and increased traffic, resulting in more downloads for the app.