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About US

Welcome to BizDigitiz

BizDigitiz come out on top for almost a decade, spearheading the world’s best digital marketing services. Our central goal is to help any build a brand; either it is a start-up or new business. Think about your most loved organizations. Envisioning many? Indeed, great. But remember you may never have seen them if it is not for branding. This is the reason branding cannot be downplayed.

We Are Talented People.

A Mix of Old and New

A perfect assortment of experts as well as novices, we are backed by a strong team consisting of Consultants, Techies, Analysts, and Content Specialists across various industries. With diversified domain knowledge and expertise, BizDigitiz is at a better position to craft creative and multilingual solutions that fit your needs.

Our dedicated team offer’s a wide scope of services. We are engaged with the creation of design, content, video making, social media campaigns, web advancement and every possible platform in helping organizations to develop through digital marketing.

Our Team.

Nandhini Satheesh

Director, Creative & Digital

“The Captain of the ship – The Director”.

She’s the leader, the director of the team, through whom everything from BizDigitiz comes through. She has the notion, the vision of the trajectory in which your company is to be set towards amelioration. With more than 10 years of experience in Digital marketing, she has always pushed the team up and striving to give your business countless opportunities. She’s also a Marketing Consultant to various leading concerns, thus extending her expertise over a variety of fields.

The leader of the team, the leader with the vision


SEO Aanlyst

“The man who’d take you to the top of the Search Engine Results.” With immersive analytics, reviewing and changes that he recommends to your website, he makes sure your Digital Marketing campaign is optimized for the Search Engines.

S.E.On the top, always.


Graphic Designer

“He’s the Dewan of Designs”
The Graphic Designer is the eyes of any Marketing Campaign. He decides how the consumers perceive your brand and the content. He breathes life into your Digital Marketing Campaign.

What we see is what he sees.


Content Writer

“She’s never content, without creating the perfect content”
Proper Content is the heart and soul for any Marketing campaign. With relevant and engaging content, she gives your Marketing Campaign great potential.

No business is a contender, without proper content.


Copy writer

“He saves the Word”
The man who’d tell your tale with a perfect blend of creativity, relevance and an assortment of WORDS. He is the voice of your Digital Marketing campaign, edifying the world with your tale and ideas.

A song without a voice, is a song unheard



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